Story & Values

Specialized in handmade, healthy, organic treats, foraging & enrichment for small pets

Hi everyone! My name’s Irene and I’m the human behind The Loved Hamster. After owning two hamsters I sadly found out that they aren’t usually well kept. For the well-being of my own hamsters, I started doing a lot of research in German, UK and USA forums, as well as reading many scientific papers. It seemed very interesting to me and I became a bit obsessed, so I ended up learning a lot about these lovely creatures.

I find that safe small animal supplies that make them happy are really hard to find. That’s why I make my own pets their toys, foods, cages and enrichment. One day I took the risk of selling them online. In The Loved Hamster you will find products I even use with my own pets. I’m very keen on naturalistic hamster care. My long-term goal is creating more products that enable hamsters to live as they would in the wild.

I wholeheartedly love rats. I’m not able to adopt any of them now, but I’m looking forward to it. My S.O. has two guinea pigs. We both love rodents and learn about them just for fun, therefore, in The Loved Hamster you will find items that are suitable for several species of small pets, not just for hamsters.

Thank you for supporting my small business!

Our values

At The Loved Hamster we really care about small pets well-being, and we sell products we even use with our own pets. I never use preservatives, sugar or honey; just safe, healthy and premium-quality ingredients. All of my beautifully colored & flavored toys are made with homemade edible dyes that are safe for your little friend, and none of my products contains softwoods. All the products I sell are human grade. As a vegan, I aim to revolutionize small animal care. Small animals should not be considered toys, but sentient beings who deserve space, a good diet and to be able to display natural behaviors as they would in the wild.

Moreover, I’m proud to say that The Loved Hamster is the world’s first zero waste small pet supplies brand. It is a difficult path to take, but everyday I try to make my products and packaging more and more eco-friendly.

Shop members


Creator, Designer, Customer Support.

I’m a college student who loves animals. My chosen family are Diana , Frida , Coco and Sandía  –two cavys, mother and daughter, whose names mean Coconut and Watermelon–, Copito  – another piggie – and Frankenstein  – a robo hamster.


Boss, Supervisor.

My name’s Diana. A few years ago I sneaked into a garage through a window and found a human who would spoil me, so I moved in. I supervise what The Loved Hamster team does ALL THE TIME.


Taste Tester.

i really dont like hoomins dat much cuz am smol, so if i take a snacc from sombodeis hand it means da snacc is delisious and tastei.

Coco & Sandía


We are cute and cuddle with The Loved Hamster team, which is a VERY important task.



Our new family member!