Monstera Chew Toy | Dental Care For Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Hamsters & Other Small Pets


? Rodent’s teeth don’t stop growing during their entire life. In order to keep them healthy and correctly-sized, your rodent friend needs to chew on safe woods, hay, willow, etc.

Your small friend doesn’t seem to chew enough and you are worried that they might have health problems in the future? This great toy encourages chewing. This will prevent your pet from having dental problems or malformations and improve their life quality, which will make them live a happier life. Our adorable little rodents don’t have long lifespans, but we can at least make them live their best life!

? This toy measures 6×6 cm, so that it is suitable for any kind of small pet – guinea pigs, hamsters, rats, mice, rabbits, gerbils, chinchillas and so on. It’s made of beechwood, treated with high temperatures to remove any insects or parasites and avoiding any pesticides, what makes it safe for your furry friend. Inspired by one of my favorite plants, Monstera deliciosa, it is perfect to decorate your cage. As we care for your little friend’s health, at The Loved Hamster we only use natural vegetable dyes to handpaint our small pet toys, therefore the shade of green may differ slightly from toy to toy.

? At The Loved Hamster, we really care about small pets well-being, and we sell products we even use with our own pets.

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