Indian moss | Natural moss


Indian moss is safe to all species of hamsters and is perfect to bring a piece of nature into your little hamster’s home. Hamsters don’t eat it, it just adds a pop of color to your little friend’s home and provides with different textures to walk on. It’s very useful to fill small gaps where you think they could get a paw stuck, such us gaps in bendy bridges. Some hamsters like to collect it to make a comfortable nest with it.

We recommend this product for all species of hamsters and mice, as well as reptiles.

You will receive 200gr. of natural moss.

When moss gets dry it changes its color from the original green to a more brown one. To make it greener again, spray some water over it.

At The Loved Hamster we really care about small pets well-being, and we sell products we even use with our own pets.

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