Oat sprays


? These oat sprays for rodents and rabbits are the tastiest! They are a great forage for tiny animals such as hamsters, mice and gerbils, and can be given as a delicious treat to herbivores like guinea pigs and rabbits too. They come in a 25gr. pack (1 oz). Your little friend will love them!

??‍? These oat sprays are grown by our friends from Ribero. Ribero’s family has been an agricultural producer specialized in small pet nutrition since 1976. They cultivate and recollect their products themselves, what makes them fully traceable. They cultivate under the good agricultural practice code and are well known for growing the WORLD’S BEST HAY.

? We recommend this product for pets whose diets include herbs and flowers, such as all species of hamsters, mice, rats, steppe lemmings, gerbils, rabbits, guinea pigs, degus, chinchillas and many others. It should never be used as a substitute of hay for herbivores.

✅ To preserve these oat sprays, we recommend to store them in a cool, dry place.

? At The Loved Hamster we really care about small animals well-being, and we sell products we even use with our own pets.

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