Raspberry Treats | Handmade | Healthy, Guilt-Free!


? These guilt-free raspberry & oat treats come in a 25 gr. pack and the cookies are shaped into hearts.

There are other flavors available at the shop:
– Blueberry: purple.
– Carrot: orange.
– Raspberry: pink.
– Three flavor mix.

? These cookies are completely safe & natural. Made with only three ingredients – oats, raspberry, flour – and lots of love.

? We recommend these nibbles for pets whose diets include oats, such as all species of hamsters, mice, rats, and many others. It can also be given in moderation to steppe lemmings & rabbits.

✅ To preserve these small pet treats, we recommend to store them in a cool, dry place.

? At The Loved Hamster we really care about small pets well-being, and we sell products we even use with our own pets.

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